Bathroom wall affirmations are making me a better person (and also a little more self-conscious about having visitors, but hey, whatever works!)

It’s possible that bathroom wall affirmations are not actually a thing.

But in my home…yes.

Bathroom wall affirmations are efficient and uplifting

Things worth considering while you sit: Truth = trust. This too shall pass. Now is a really important time. What does it look like when love leads?

It’s possible this is TMI

I feel a little weird showing you part of my bathroom wall.

After all, it’s a personal space—that’s kiiinda the point.

But I am making an effort to be more open, and in any case, this is only a glimpse. I’d feel a lot weirder if you could see the whole space.

Because there are plenty more tiles in my bathroom, and an increasing percentage of them are getting filled with messages I want to remember.

Why I need bathroom wall affirmations

The thing is, I’m alone a lot of the time.

I mean, I’m not really alone. I have rather constant contact with spirit guides and clients and family and friends.

But physically? A lot of the time, especially now that I work from home, it’s just me.

And me, unsupervised, can make for some unproductive thought patterns.

Hence the visual intervention.

It is easier to believe what you can see

It is amazing how effectively my décor can adjust my attitude.

I mean, obviously our environments affect us. Who we talk to, what we watch, listen to, and read—all of it matters.

And since I am a visual person, it especially matters what I see.

If I put up a big sign on my front door that said “WELCOME HOME, LOSER,” it probably wouldn’t take long for me to feel irritated whenever I entered my apartment.

So if every time I enter my bathroom I am told that “with great love, anything is possible” and that “peace is the only thing I need to pray for,” well, those truths are gonna get to me.

Which is important, because, as I’ve heard it said, “thoughts become things.”

If I repeatedly tell myself I’m a loser, odds are I’ll start acting like one.

And if I am constantly reinforcing the reality that “ONLY LOVE IS REAL” (that one’s in all caps above the towel rack), odds are I’ll act more like it.

If you’ve got some blank tiles and a dry-erase marker, you’ve got all you need to change your life

Actually, all you need to change your life is a willingness to sit still.

(Um, like, maybe even on a toilet. Just saying.)

But if you have some blank tiles and a dry-erase marker, you can accelerate the process of internal transformation.

Because what we see, we believe. And what we say, we create. So why not tell yourself what you most need to hear?

Love > fear,




p.s. This works on mirrors, too.

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