I am grateful for free spirit guide readings, aka the opportunity to give away my gifts

For the last six months I have been giving away free spirit guide readings. If you don’t know what spirit guide readings are, join the club—or at least the club I was in before January 2016, when I discovered with startling immediacy just how real my spirit guides were. Since then I have continually honed […]

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Deep breaths can get you through anything, including but not limited to a cancer scare

I almost definitely do not have cancer. But confronting the slight chance that I did required a lot of deep breaths. Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment to a standard gynecological exam because a test result came back abnormal. First, the glorious calm of dismissal. The situation wasn’t a big deal and I knew it […]

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Just when you think all hope is lost, a shamrock might surprise you with unexpected resilience

I didn’t mean to kill my plants. In fact, I did everything I could to make sure they got enough water while I was away for two weeks. There is theoretically a way to responsibly abandon houseplants I felt confident in my automatic watering solution, aside from some slight worry when I learned that during […]

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green granny apple bite delicious

Green apples are basically the best and that’s all there is to it but I will go ahead and explain further anyway

Green apples are just great, and I am grateful for them. I could say more, but do I really need to? No, of course I don’t. But even so, I will. Allow me to sing the praises of green apples Perfect snack This magical fruit is both sweet and tart, lightly crisp and surprisingly filling–the […]

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Unexpected growth has inspiring potential.

My snake plant surprised me with a great lesson about how stress can lead to unexpected growth

I am in a wonderful long-term relationship with a snake plant. For the past four years, I’ve somehow managed to keep Planty alive. His survival is significant since, before him, I did not believe I could sustain the life of anything outside myself. Snake plants are great starter plants I still remember my awe when Planty arrived at my […]

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