Humility is a privilege.

With privilege must come humility

Am I a selfish racist? It’s a painful question to consider. I am a good person. I care deeply about others. I believe in equal rights. But if my actions don’t reflect my beliefs, I might as well be a selfish racist. Last week I wrote about my ability to block out the pain of the […]

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All lives matter. But America needs to prove it believes that black lives matter.

Which lives matter?

I would rather be reading romance. It’s my daily escape that makes a long commute feel short and it’s also encouraging to read about people with complicated lives and emotions who nonetheless get happily-ever-afters. But I can’t read romance when my heart is breaking, so instead I have to write about murder. I am ashamed that it has […]

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Non-city sunsets

This will be my thirteenth summer in New York. I kind of can’t believe so much time has passed since my first exposure to Manhattan’s thick heat and teeming streets, but here we are. And while there is plenty to appreciate about the city in the summer, over the last two weeks I’ve experienced the landscapes of […]

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Flirt cards

I am single again. This is not what I wanted. What I wanted was a strong, healthy, lasting relationship. Instead I am single. I love my now-ex-boyfriend, and I know that he loves me. That is both reassuring and irrelevant because I also know our relationship wasn’t working and we couldn’t make it work and now we have stopped […]

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Stonewall Inn vigil for Orlando shooting victims

Vigil at the Stonewall Inn

I went to the Stonewall vigil for the Orlando victims because my heart told me to. Also because the spin class I took after work was in Chelsea and I don’t know if Francisco (our instructor) did it on purpose but the warm-up was Latin music with party lights and I nearly panicked when I […]

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A piano is the best surprise

Pianos of hope

I believe I am always cared for. It helps when I get proof. My Monday morning started out rough. I felt really low on Sunday, hardly slept, woke up too early, and still was late to work. A transit delay extended my commute by more than an hour, plus I had to switch trains and […]

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Who says work pants can't be yoga pants?

Cotton stretch

This #thankyouthursday I’m giving a shout-out to stretch cotton. For starters. See, I was supposed to go to yoga on Tuesday. To be honest I wasn’t all that excited about it because I had a lot of work and was already planning to hit the gym later in the day. But because I’m lucky enough […]

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Joyful possibility is an ambitious bloom.

Joyful possibility

I’m really into self-improvement. Not because there’s anything wrong with me. (In fact, we are all okay, right now, already. How great is that?!) It’s just that more often than not, I can be better. And since nothing stays the same no matter what, I figure I might as well do what I can to […]

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