inflatable birthday cake

Inflatable cake

Today is my birthday—perfect timing for #thankyouthursday, since acknowledging my continued existence inevitably makes me grateful. So grateful! I am grateful for the big things: I have a job, a home, a family, friends. I am grateful for the little things: a quality Thermos to keep my tea warm, ten-minute meditations, a nice haircut. I […]

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Tasty mistakes

I accidentally invented a new kind of cookie! Also, I failed to bake scones. It’s humbling to confess this, since I was using a boxed mix and the instructions were simple. The only thing I had to do was add water. Alllllll I had to do was add half a cup of water and I […]

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Truth you can touch

You can create whatever you want. Sometimes I am reminded of this truth in unexpected ways: I went to church on Sunday and the youth group was running the show. Right before they called all the grown-ups down to the chancel for “Adult Time,” they passed around a basket full of…well, I didn’t know what, […]

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Ahh, plants

I live near a florist. The florist charges a bit more than I believe to be strictly necessary so I tend to purchase my flowers elsewhere, but I nonetheless benefit from walking by each day and absorbing the beauty of whatever’s on display. There has been a selection of six-dollar plants available for a while […]

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bento box is good eats

Good eats

Intellectual, emotional, spiritual—I am provided with nourishment of all sorts. So much so that I sometimes take the most fundamental form of nutrition for granted: You know, actual food. I am grateful for good eats. When you work in an office and are inconsistently successful at bringing your lunch, you are at the mercy of […]

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Excerpt from Writing My Wrongs

Wise words

I have mixed feelings about Oprah, but most of them are positive, and anytime she tells me a book is worth reading, I’m prone to believe her. Especially if that book addresses a vitally important issue. So when I saw her Instagram post recommending Writing My Wrongs by Shaka Senghor, I immediately put in a […]

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Elite Daily shows love for dating and relationship humor

20K+ likes = #AYMBF love

I got tagged in an Instagram post last night that caught me totally by surprise and I just have to let you know – Are You My Boyfriend? was shared on Elite Daily’s feed, and within hours there were thousands of likes and comments. THIS IS SO EXCITING! Obviously I’m thrilled to see #AYMBF getting love, but […]

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Nothing like being alone at a summer wedding

How to feel better about being alone

If you are single, or you know someone who is, a copy of Are You My Boyfriend? is the antidote to any sort of related distress or negativity. Trust me, I know of what I speak. I mean, obviously, because I wrote the book. But more recently, because a few weeks ago I went to a wedding and at […]

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