Flirt cards

I am single again. This is not what I wanted. What I wanted was a strong, healthy, lasting relationship. Instead I am single. I love my now-ex-boyfriend, and I know that he loves me. That is both reassuring and irrelevant because I also know our relationship wasn’t working and we couldn’t make it work and now we have stopped […]

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Stonewall Inn vigil for Orlando shooting victims

Vigil at the Stonewall Inn

I went to the Stonewall vigil for the Orlando victims because my heart told me to. Also because the spin class I took after work was in Chelsea and I don’t know if Francisco (our instructor) did it on purpose but the warm-up was Latin music with party lights and I nearly panicked when I […]

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A piano is the best surprise

Pianos of hope

I believe I am always cared for. It helps when I get proof. My Monday morning started out rough. I felt really low on Sunday, hardly slept, woke up too early, and still was late to work. A transit delay extended my commute by more than an hour, plus I had to switch trains and […]

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Who says work pants can't be yoga pants?

Cotton stretch

This #thankyouthursday I’m giving a shout-out to stretch cotton. For starters. See, I was supposed to go to yoga on Tuesday. To be honest I wasn’t all that excited about it because I had a lot of work and was already planning to hit the gym later in the day. But because I’m lucky enough […]

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Joyful possibility is an ambitious bloom.

Joyful possibility

I’m really into self-improvement. Not because there’s anything wrong with me. (In fact, we are all okay, right now, already. How great is that?!) It’s just that more often than not, I can be better. And since nothing stays the same no matter what, I figure I might as well do what I can to […]

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The best part about running is resting.

Restful runs

If you had told me a year ago I’d be running a 5K tonight, I would have wrinkled my nose. A year ago, I was not someone who ran—I was someone who politely dismissed running as a pastime that, while beneficial for some, was not for me. Yoga, I’ve said for years, is all the […]

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inflatable birthday cake

Inflatable cake

Today is my birthday—perfect timing for #thankyouthursday, since acknowledging my continued existence inevitably makes me grateful. So grateful! I am grateful for the big things: I have a job, a home, a family, friends. I am grateful for the little things: a quality Thermos to keep my tea warm, ten-minute meditations, a nice haircut. I […]

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Tasty mistakes

I accidentally invented a new kind of cookie! Also, I failed to bake scones. It’s humbling to confess this, since I was using a boxed mix and the instructions were simple. The only thing I had to do was add water. Alllllll I had to do was add half a cup of water and I […]

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Truth you can touch

You can create whatever you want. Sometimes I am reminded of this truth in unexpected ways: I went to church on Sunday and the youth group was running the show. Right before they called all the grown-ups down to the chancel for “Adult Time,” they passed around a basket full of…well, I didn’t know what, […]

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