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Do not underestimate the value of nail polish perfection.

I used to think perfection was impossible. And I still know I will never be perfect, at least not in the sense of “being entirely without fault or defect.” But perfect can also mean “satisfying all requirements” and “corresponding to an ideal standard,” and by those definitions, I have indeed discovered perfection. In the form […]

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We always have choices.

When you have a lot of good options, sometimes it helps to make a list (and check it way more than twice)

The phrase “embarrassment of riches” has always perplexed me, because I don’t think abundance is anything to be embarrassed about. It is, however, something to be appreciated. That is why, this #thankyouthursday, I am grateful for good options. Most weeks I don’t have much trouble selecting a #thankyouthursday subject. There are always plenty of possibilities […]

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election night crying with fear and hope

Love wins even though Hillary didn’t: Moving forward from the election

Some might say it’s too soon for post-election talk of silver linings, optimism and hope. But too bad. Because I can’t keep moping. Grieving, yes. I will be grieving for quite some time. But action requires energy, and so I’ve got to raise my vibration. First, the feels It is pretty hard to get past something […]

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