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Sunlight of the spirit is the most beautiful light to ever shine on anything (in my humble opinion)

Whether or not you believe in god, you kinda have to believe in sunlight, right? I am so grateful for sunlight. It helps me have faith. I get by just fine on rainy days, but there is nothing like waking up to the bright possibility that sunshine so often seems to promise. So it’s not surprising that […]

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Tiny triumphs pave the way to big change, whether you are leaving your job or addressing addiction

In a couple weeks, I am taking a big leap: leaving my job and following my heart. And tiny triumphs are paving my way. In particular, yesterday I drank tea. It felt like major victory. I love coffee soooo much Coffee is not my friend. It makes me uptight and anxious and occasionally short-tempered and […]

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I am grateful for free spirit guide readings, aka the opportunity to give away my gifts

For the last six months I have been giving away free spirit guide readings. If you don’t know what spirit guide readings are, join the club—or at least the club I was in before January 2016, when I discovered with startling immediacy just how real my spirit guides were. Since then I have continually honed […]

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Deep breaths can get you through anything, including but not limited to a cancer scare

I almost definitely do not have cancer. But confronting the slight chance that I did required a lot of deep breaths. Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment to a standard gynecological exam because a test result came back abnormal. First, the glorious calm of dismissal. The situation wasn’t a big deal and I knew it […]

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Just when you think all hope is lost, a shamrock might surprise you with unexpected resilience

I didn’t mean to kill my plants. In fact, I did everything I could to make sure they got enough water while I was away for two weeks. There is theoretically a way to responsibly abandon houseplants I felt confident in my automatic watering solution, aside from some slight worry when I learned that during […]

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green granny apple bite delicious

Green apples are basically the best and that’s all there is to it but I will go ahead and explain further anyway

Green apples are just great, and I am grateful for them. I could say more, but do I really need to? No, of course I don’t. But even so, I will. Allow me to sing the praises of green apples Perfect snack This magical fruit is both sweet and tart, lightly crisp and surprisingly filling–the […]

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