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We always have choices.

When you have a lot of good options, sometimes it helps to make a list (and check it way more than twice)

The phrase “embarrassment of riches” has always perplexed me, because I don’t think abundance is anything to be embarrassed about. It is, however, something to be appreciated. That is why, this #thankyouthursday, I am grateful for good options. Most weeks I don’t have much trouble selecting a #thankyouthursday subject. There are always plenty of possibilities […]

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election night crying with fear and hope

Love wins even though Hillary didn’t: Moving forward from the election

Some might say it’s too soon for post-election talk of silver linings, optimism and hope. But too bad. Because I can’t keep moping. Grieving, yes. I will be grieving for quite some time. But action requires energy, and so I’ve got to raise my vibration. First, the feels It is pretty hard to get past something […]

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Lessons from a houseplant: how undeveloped potential leads to dead weight and dismay (Also: VOTE!)

As you may or may not already know, I am the caretaker of a French lavender plant named Lilah. Potential can take you by surprise Back in August I wrote about Lilah’s inspiring-slash-alarming growth spurt. In mere hours, she went from looking like this…: …to  looking like this: Sometimes, opportunity blossoms The sudden appearance of […]

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Grace by Natashia Deon is worth reading, and more importantly, worth reflection.

I read Grace by Natashia Deón and it was uncomfortably similar to current events even though it takes place in the 1800s because racism is still going strong in America and can we please do something about this? Like, for real?

By the time my hold alert on Natashia Deón’s Grace came through from the library, I’d forgotten why I’d requested it. No matter. I dug right in—and was depressed for the next three days while I read it. No question, the book is beautifully written. The story is artfully told. It’s just not a very nice […]

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Oprah loves Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

A Love Warrior love letter from the devotee who wrote the Reading Group Guide

Glennon Doyle Melton’s astonishingly radiant book, Love Warrior, officially came out into the world on Tuesday, and for very good reason it is the new pick for Oprah’s Book Club. I hope everyone I know—and everyone I don’t know, for that matter—will read it, because Love Warrior is one of those books that can really, […]

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