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We always have choices.

When you have a lot of good options, sometimes it helps to make a list (and check it way more than twice)

The phrase “embarrassment of riches” has always perplexed me, because I don’t think abundance is anything to be embarrassed about. It is, however, something to be appreciated. That is why, this #thankyouthursday, I am grateful for good options. Most weeks I don’t have much trouble selecting a #thankyouthursday subject. There are always plenty of possibilities […]

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election night crying with fear and hope

Love wins even though Hillary didn’t: Moving forward from the election

Some might say it’s too soon for post-election talk of silver linings, optimism and hope. But too bad. Because I can’t keep moping. Grieving, yes. I will be grieving for quite some time. But action requires energy, and so I’ve got to raise my vibration. First, the feels It is pretty hard to get past something […]

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Lessons from a houseplant: how undeveloped potential leads to dead weight and dismay (Also: VOTE!)

As you may or may not already know, I am the caretaker of a French lavender plant named Lilah. Potential can take you by surprise Back in August I wrote about Lilah’s inspiring-slash-alarming growth spurt. In mere hours, she went from looking like this…: …to  looking like this: Sometimes, opportunity blossoms The sudden appearance of […]

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