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During this self-imposed retreat I am learning that Past Me is smart and has good taste, which helps Present Me have faith in Future Me

I am away on retreat right now, and because I am grateful and want to share it with you, I hereby present my view: I could certainly get used to a vantage point of lush trees, a placid lake, and a stunning sky, and yet I am quite aware that my experience here is temporary. To […]

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Oprah loves Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

A Love Warrior love letter from the devotee who wrote the Reading Group Guide

Glennon Doyle Melton’s astonishingly radiant book, Love Warrior, officially came out into the world on Tuesday, and for very good reason it is the new pick for Oprah’s Book Club. I hope everyone I know—and everyone I don’t know, for that matter—will read it, because Love Warrior is one of those books that can really, […]

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#AYMBF + The New York Times = YESSSSSSS

The New York Times published a piece about picture books for grown-ups that mentions Are You My Boyfriend?. I am grateful. I am happy. And I am looking forward to talking about this book so much more, because it is so much more than a commercial take on a popular concept. In fact, I had the idea […]

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We need to talk.

Well, more accurately, I need to talk. To you. About writing, and what it feels like to have my very first book being published (and why it is so important for you to pre-order it), and what I’m working on next, and how creativity is confusing and fulfilling (hm, kind of like dating) and how […]

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