Clear communication is the key to everything good. Words are optional.

I‘m having trouble with my words today.

It‘s not that I don’t know what to say. It’s that there is too much to talk about.

And per my typical all-or-nothing instinct, I feel like if I can’t tell you everything, it is futile to try conveying anything.

But of course that’s not true. So, a compromise:

I will offer you a pictorial summary, via a sequence of three emojis, of what my heart most wants to clearly communicate.

And then to continue the theme of clear communication, I’ll share a quick gratitude list of all the ways clear communication has mattered to me this week.

What my heart most wants to clearly communicate:

Clear communication can totally happen via emojis.

Yep. This says (or doesn’t say) it all.

The clear communication I am most grateful for:

-My friend got scared and she told me. (This is why she was afraid.)

Something upsetting happened to one of the communities I care about, and the leadership shared the information in a timely and welcome email.

-Another friend felt angry and she told me. Her anger wasn’t directed at me, which is why I am especially grateful she shared…it is important to process big emotions in a way that doesn’t directly harm others.

-I had a quality conversation with my mom where we both talked candidly about some potentially tricky topics.

-The meditation practice I explored yesterday quickly and concisely blew me away with an abundance of crystal clear wisdom. (That experience is partly what inspired the emoji sequence—sometimes words simply don’t suffice!)

-And last, but certainly not least, I am in a wonderful new relationship with someone who communicates so openly, honestly, clearly, and kindly that at times it is a legit challenge to accept the reality of our dynamic. (Note: I accept that challenge 100%.)

So, yep, I am grateful for clear communication.

Words, not words, whatever. I’ll take honest expression in any form, anytime.

Being able to talk about truth is such a gift—one that I hope you both get to give and receive in abundance.

Love > fear,


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