We can have faith in the cloudy times as well as the clear ones, especially when we take loving action

Faith in the future has saved me before.


This affirmation card speaks the truth.

“I have faith in the future I cannot see” is an affirmation that was important to me during an incredibly challenging time.

In the midst of turmoil, I had no idea how anything could possibly turn out okay.

And yet I was desperate for things to turn out okay. I had to believe they would be.

So I chanted. Day after day, breath after breath.

“I have faith in the future I cannot see.”

The other day I was on an airplane

My return flight to New York on Tuesday was long, the descent delayed due to poor weather at home.

Sure enough, when we finally received clearance to prepare for landing, visibility was low.

Looking out the window, it was hard to see a thing. I could barely make out the airplane’s wing.

We could have been two miles high or twenty feet from the ground. Without a view, I couldn’t know.

Do you think I was afraid?

I have faith beyond the clouds

I was not afraid.

I understood the pilot had access to technology that made visibility borderline irrelevant.

And maybe thirty seconds after I snapped a photo of our plane encased in clouds, we hit the ground.

What we see is not what has to be

Several years ago, when I was in so much distress, all I could see were clouds.

Still, I had faith.

I believed the future would be better, and I took action accordingly.

I am so grateful I was right.

On that plane the other day, I could have worried. All I could see were clouds.

Turns out, the ground was so close.

I have faith that we will land

I am discontent with the state of my nation.

I have talked about racial injustice before, and I have grappled with how to balance my privilege with humility.

The tragedy of Charlottesville is yet another wake-up call that some will heed and others will dismiss.

For my part, I will continue advocating for a just society—even when doing so looks like eating ice cream.

I won’t do my work perfectly, but I will do my best.

Most immediately, my work involves self-care: ensuring I am grounded myself, and doing everything in my power to give others the same skills and blessings that I regularly access.

Because the more of us who are mindful, kind, and loving (to ourselves as well as others), the better life will be for everyone.

I have faith in the future

I still use that affirmation, “I have faith in the future I cannot see.”

However, in recent months I have taken to dropping the “I cannot see” part.

Because I can see.

I have a very clear vision of what our world can be, and while it won’t magically manifest, if enough of us want it and work for it, we will certainly make progress.

Love > fear,


p.s. If you have questions or comments about anything in this post (or anything else I write), feel free to send me an email at christina@christinabryza.com—I want to be in conversation as much as possible, because I plan to move forward one friendship at a time.

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