Please keep your fingers crossed (hopefully later I can tell you why)

I got some exciting news this week. Fingers crossed it works out!

I hate to be all vague about it, but the thing about this news is that (1) it is not confirmed, and (2) it might not BE confirmed.

So publicly saying anything concrete at this point would definitely be preliminary, and possibly false, and maybe even detrimental.

Which means instead of giving you details,* I will simply ask for you to cross your fingers.

fingers crossed for all things good

A prayer can look like crossed fingers.

Because what I do know for sure is that there is real POSSIBILITY in the air. And the possibility is EXCITING. And I also know for sure that exciting possibilities benefit from SUPPORT.

And what better way to offer blind support for mysterious potential than to simply cross your fingers?

Of course crossed fingers aren’t for everyone. Maybe you prefer to pray, or send positive vibes, or best wishes. Personally, I use all the above, as often as possible.

And I encourage you to do the same. Because we need each other. So fingers crossed for your success, and here’s hoping mutual support will get us where we want to go.

Love > fear,

Christina*You know who did get details? My email friends. That’s because #thankyouthursday emails contain insider info that doesn’t always make it to the internet. If knowing more of my secrets sounds appealing, make sure you’re signed up for inbox hugs.

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