I am grateful for free spirit guide readings, aka the opportunity to give away my gifts

For the last six months I have been giving away free spirit guide readings.

If you don’t know what spirit guide readings are, join the club—or at least the club I was in before January 2016, when I discovered with startling immediacy just how real my spirit guides were.

Since then I have continually honed my psychic gifts, and in approximately a month, I am leaving my job to focus on my own business.

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Golden Glance Insights + Action: That’s my (business) name, don’t wear it out. Or, you know what, actually, do wear it out. I want anyone who might care to know that I’m here to serve.

I’m not crazy, I’m gifted

Deciding to embrace such a major transition was not an easy choice.

Then again, it also wasn’t much of a choice.

I did my best to put off the tugging at my heart—I rationalized my way out of making a change for months.

But the more I learned about my gifts and abilities as an energy reader and healer, the harder it was to pretend they should be a hobby and nothing more.

So, sure, I’m a little scared about walking away from security and into the unknown. At times I’ve even wondered if I’m crazy.

But I’m not crazy. I’m gifted.

And when you have a gift, I believe it is your job to give it.

Giving my way into confidence

I am very confident now in the quality of what I offer. But that wasn’t the case when I first started.

When I first started doing readings back in December, I wasn’t even sure I could do them.

Turns out, I definitely can.

And thanks to the dozens of volunteers who have trusted me with their energy over the last six months, I am sure that what I offer has tremendous value.

The gift of free spirit guide readings

Giving away spirit guide readings for free was the perfect way for me to learn and grow while simultaneously being of service.

Because I was not accepting money, I was able to experience and offer exactly what showed up, without any pressure to “deliver.”

Sometimes, especially when trying out a new technique, my old people-pleasing patterns would kick in, and I’d feel nervous or worried about letting someone down.

In those moments, knowing that my work was free (in terms of money, anyway), helped me feel relief.

Hey, they’re getting what they paid for, I’d tease myself to ease the anxiety. And it worked.

Now it’s time for a charge

Starting July 4, I will be charging money for spirit guide readings.

To be honest, I am a little nervous about doing so.

I like the way it feels to share my gifts for free—generosity is a joy.

I also want as many people as possible to experience the benefits of what I offer, so I am not thrilled that charging money might prevent some people from receiving love, peace, assurance, encouragement, or whatever else comes up for them when I connect to their guides.

However, I am thrilled to be sure that what I am offering is worth every cent. And I am committed to continually offering other forms of service to people who cannot afford to pay.

We are worthy of our gifts

Money is just one of many forms of energy, and it happens to be the form that I currently need to receive.

I am grateful I can accept that reality, and even more grateful I have been able to give away so much for free.

Because whether or not money is in the picture, gifts are worth giving, and gratitude is worth receiving, and all of us are just plain worthy.

I hope you can feel the truth of that today.

Love > fear,


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