Green apples are basically the best and that’s all there is to it but I will go ahead and explain further anyway

Green apples are just great, and I am grateful for them.

green apples are delicious

I ate almost half of this delicious green apple before I realized I wanted to celebrate it on #thankyouthursday and thus belatedly took this picture.

I could say more, but do I really need to?

No, of course I don’t. But even so, I will.

Allow me to sing the praises of green apples

Perfect snack

This magical fruit is both sweet and tart, lightly crisp and surprisingly filling–the perfect snack when I know better than to binge on discount Easter candy or eat leftover Thai that’s been in the fridge a little too long.

Portable and Efficient

Green apples are also ideally portable: one fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, and consuming it takes almost exactly the same amount of time as my commute from the office elevator to the subway car.

I don’t even have to deal with the core, ever since I learned the trick to eating the seeds.

green apples even have delicious seeds

Yeah I’m just gonna go ahead and chew these seeds on purpose. They’re surprisingly tasty.

(Like many things in life, they go down easier if you face them deliberately instead of trying to avoid them.)

Deliciously sensitive

I also love how tough yet tender green apples are. You can carry one around in your bag without worry, but if you drop the fruit, it WILL get a bruise.

But then it turns out the bruised part actually tastes the sweetest, go figure.

No longer a threat to my health

Oh, AND, I used to be allergic to apples and now I’m not and that is a miracle I get to remember every time I enjoy one.

green apples are delicious to the last bite

For years, eating apples with skin on made my throat itch and my lips swell. Now I have zero symptoms. Life is weird and God is good and green apples are delicious down to the last bite.

In conclusion, I am grateful for what’s good…and green apples are really good.

So yeah, green apples are great. And not only am I grateful for them, I’m grateful not to take them for granted.

Because it really is the small stuff that comprises a big life, and that means nothing is really small.

So why not try to appreciate it all?

Love > fear,


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