Every sandwich can be a life-changing sandwich. (It’s all in how you eat it.)

At first glance, this might not look like a life-changing sandwich.

A life-changing sandwich can look like this.

Would you guess that this could be a life-changing sandwich? I didn’t.

And to be honest, it wasn’t. It was delicious, but that’s about it.

However, it was so delicious that I was filled with gratitude. And I was filled with so much gratitude that I took a picture. And when I was scrolling through my camera roll for #thankyouthursday inspiration, I saw the photo, which sparked a memory.

That’s where the life-changing part comes in.

Any sandwich can be life-changing because life can change anytime

When I was upset some time ago, my mom told me something wise:

“You can start a diet in the middle of a sandwich.”

Meaning, every moment is an opportunity. If I don’t like what I am experiencing, I can do something different.

If it tastes bad—or if I simply don’t want more of the same—I don’t have to take another bite.

Or if circumstances are truly vile and I DO have to take another bite, I can plug my nose, or chew quickly, or find something palatable to wash it down.

And I can always take a deep breath.

Every sandwich can be a life-changing sandwich

Basically, I can always be eating (nor not eating) a life-changing sandwich.

What a tasty choice.

Love > fear,



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