Now is the time. Because when else will now be the time?

I am grateful for now.

And now. And now, and now, and now.

It feels cheesy and cliche to harp on the significance of the present moment…but it also feels significant.

Now is always changing, and yet it is always here.

Now is always worth listening to.

Now is all we really have. And not to be morbid, but we are already definitely dying, so we might as well be happy too. (This image, btw, is the logo for a new band called Now. More on them later.)

The now of Friday

I am typing this on a Friday night after a long day and a long bath and I feel relaxed and at ease.

I don’t typically start #thankyouthursday posts so far in advance, but I have known this (next?) week’s topic for a couple days already, and it feels like a good time to get ahead.

Of course, by the time you read this, it won’t be the same now in which I typed it.

So when I say I am grateful for what I am experiencing in this exact instant, there is no way to adequately claim precisely the moment I am praising.

I can simply appreciate what is, and then it passes.

The now of tomorrow

Now I am typing on a Tuesday.

This particular Tuesday reminds me of one of my favorite Onion articles.

However, unlike the Onion story, I don’t feel frustrated by the seemingly slow passage of time.

In fact, I am savoring my last week of full-time employment, and tomorrow I will celebrate it.

I am excited for what lies ahead, both immediately and long-term.

(Immediately = tomorrow’s celebration, which includes hearing a rock band most fittingly called Now.)

(Long-term = whatever happens with my new business and my related hopes and dreams.)

And in this moment, I am grateful for what is familiar, and for what has served me well.

The now of now

It is Thursday morning now.

In a minute I will press publish and then send an inbox hug to my wonderful community of email friends.

(If you don’t already get #thankyouthursday emails and want to, you can sign up for inbox hugs here.)

The rock show celebration yesterday was gratifying and fulfilling and fun.

My last day tomorrow will be…well, really, I don’t know. I’ll have to find out then.

But this very second, I am here, I am breathing, and I am grateful.

Love > fear,



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