The secret to (im)perfect popcorn, or how failure can be delicious

I make delicious popcorn.

perfect stove popped popcorn coconut oil pink himalayan sea salt

No humble brag here. This popcorn is straight-up delicious.

Like, seriously, there is nothing a microwave or even a movie theater can do that compares to what I can create with a saucepan, some coconut oil, and pink Himalayan sea salt.

Of course, it wasn’t always this way.

Practice makes (im)perfect

I’ve been toying with the popcorn process for years.

My smoke detector has been an active part of the process.

Usually just because I push the limits of coconut oil’s smoke point, but once I did start a small fire.

NOTE: Do NOT add water to hot oil. Just DON’T. EVER. I cannot state this emphatically enough.

In addition to experimenting with the correct temperature, I have also tried to perfect the art of popping every kernel.

I thought that leaving unpopped kernels was a waste. Each inedible nugget at the bottom of my bowl felt like a failure—potential unreached.

That approach left me with a lot of scorched popcorn.

When it comes to popcorn, unreached potential is key to success

It turns out my concept of failure stemmed from having the wrong goal.

Because I have finally landed on a popcorn routine that consistently yields cottony blossoms of sensory delight.

perfect stove popped popcorn coconut oil pink himalayan sea salt

In case you missed it the first time, here is another look at some mighty fine popcorn.

And in the process, I discovered that underneath an ideal outcome is a WHOLE lot of unreached potential.

You might even say that the unreached potential—the so-called failure—is required to achieve perfection.

Not every kernel needs to pop.

unpopped kernels

At the bottom of my perfect bowl of popcorn are literally hundreds of unpopped kernels.

I have learned to put more kernels in the pan than what I actually plan to eat.

Because with an abundance of potential, I don’t need every outcome to be perfect.

When I know I am giving more than I need to get, I can trust that I will receive what I need.

I can afford to let hundreds of kernels go unpopped, because I am confident my bowl will end up sufficiently full.

And what does pop will be perfection.

Love > fear,


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