If you don’t think rest is important, look at what happened to my pet plant, Shammy.

Rest is important. Like, maybe more important than anything else.

I know this, to the marrow of my weary bones, and still I have not been getting enough.

Fortunately, I also know how to course correct. (You can start a diet in the middle of a sandwich, remember?)

And my newest pet plant, Shammy the Shamrock, has provided the perfect visual.

This is your body without rest

When I got home last night, exhausted and eager for sleep, I gasped as soon as I laid eyes on sweet Shammy:

This is a shamrock without rest (or water).

This is a shamrock without rest (or water).

“Oh, no!” I exclaimed. It was immediately obvious that the plant needed nourishment, and so I immediately gave him some water.*

*Yes, I gave the plant water, not rest. But they are both vital forms of nourishment so just pretend I gave it rest, because that is definitely what I gave my body when I went to sleep soon thereafter, and the impending transformation was identical.

This is your body when it’s rested

One solid night’s sleep later, I awoke with renewed vigor. When I saw Shammy, I gasped with relief and delight:

This is a shamrock with rest (and water).

This is a shamrock with rest (and water).

“Oh, yes!” I exclaimed. It was immediately obvious that the plant was feeling nourished.

Shammy went from drooping to dazzling in mere hours, merely because his most basic needs were met.

I rest my case

Shammy needed water like I needed rest. (Also let’s be honest, I probably needed water too.)

It’s really not that complicated, this idea of getting rested. It simply takes time and intention. Yet making it happen does not always seem simple.

But it can be.

I’ll be sharing more about the nuts and bolts of essential self-care in future posts, and for now, please know that closing your eyes for a minute—even for thirty seconds, or even for the space of a breath—can make a difference.

And you deserve to dazzle instead of droop.

Love > fear,


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