I am grateful for so much seltzer

Keeping it simple, keeping it real:

I am grateful for so much seltzer.

Lemon-lime seltzer is nectar of the gods, and I am grateful to have a lot of it.

There are four—count ’em FOUR—varieties of lemon-lime seltzer in my fridge right now. (That fifth one is a random can of raspberry cucumber.) #blessed #seriously

There may be a fair amount of uncertainty in my life at the moment.

(Then again, isn’t there always? For all of us?)

But one thing I know for sure is that I have a LOT of lemon-lime seltzer in my apartment, and that makes me a grateful woman.

Seltzer is the new soda

I’m not saying I’m completely caught up in the La Croix craze. (I actually find their blends to be a little sweet.)

It’s just that I don’t drink soda and I don’t drink alcohol and I still like sparkly beverages, so…

Thank goodness for lemon-lime seltzer. It’s like Sprite without the sugar. (And whatever other weird crap is in Sprite.)

Variety is the spice of seltzer

Given that lemon-lime is the only flavor I consistently enjoy,  I’ve become somewhat of a connoisseur.

And by “somewhat of a connoisseur” I mean I buy whatever is cheapest in the nearest store, and those options vary.

Then whenever I’m nearing the end of a case, I get clingy about drinking the last can, so I leave it in the fridge in case I want a slightly different flavor later.

(You’d think all lemon-lime fizzy water with natural flavoring and no added sodium would taste the same, but no.)

Over time,  I’ve ended up with a diverse collection. And I am grateful for it.

Simple pleasures are super important

As I progress toward full-time entrepreneurship and prepare to part ways with a steady paycheck, I am increasingly aware of what matters most.

For me, for now, I value time more than money.

I value rest more than stress.

And I value simple pleasures.

Like lemon-lime seltzer.

A lot of it.


Love > fear,



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