Yes, stale Peeps are poison, and I am grateful for them nonetheless

I hope we can all agree that sugar, by and large, is no good for anyone.

Like, literally, it is killing us, in both body and spirit, and the commercial food industry seems all too happy to help speed along the process.

And still I am grateful for stale Peeps.

stale peeps are not healthy in any way

These Peeps are approximately four months old. And in no way good for anyone. Also, I love them.

I know, I know, stale Peeps are terrible

Some people find the taste and texture of Peeps to be awful in any context. I am not one of those people.

I happen to love the marshmallow treats, and I especially love them after Easter markdown sales, when I can score a several boxes for a couple dollars and let them get niiiiiice and stale.

But I still know they are terrible.

Food is either medicine or poison

What we put into our bodies quite literally determines who we are.

I would prefer not to acknowledge this truth, since it is waaaaay easier to eat whatever is convenient or tasty and hope for the best.

But as I deepen my commitment to authentic living, I can’t help but pay increased attention to how I feed myself.

What I eat is either nourishing or negative—there is honestly not a ton of room for neutrality on the nutrition front.

And I think it is safe to say that stale Peeps are not nourishing.


Stale Peeps are doing me a great service

Sometimes a good ol’ fashioned cautionary tale can be genuinely helpful.

Every day around 3pm, I am forced to recognize my total inability to resist the call of the Peeps.

Each afternoon, I consume the toxic perfection and immediately regret it, right as I reach for another inflexible chunk of processed sugar squish.

But soon the supply will be gone completely, and thanks to their seasonal nature, I won’t be able to get more.*

*Yes, I know that Peeps are technically available year-round. Do not remind me.

The Peeps are preparing me for a better way of life

In just a few weeks, I am leaving my job to focus full-time on my own business.

Reliable access to high-frequency energy is a big part of that business, and in order to succeed, I need to be as healthy as possible, inside and out.

I am 100% committed to giving my clients and my work the best of me, and that means living in a way that supports the highest good of all involved.

It means resting well, and staying fit…and eating as cleanly as possible.

To that end, I’m gearing up for a cleanse (the healthy kind, not the crash diet kind), and the Peeps are helping me prepare.

Change does not have to be drastic

Acknowledging my weakness for sugar strengthens my desire to break the addiction.

I don’t have to quit cold turkey today—in fact, psychologically preparing and then physiologically taking a gradual approach can increase my odds of success.

Incremental progress is still progress, and I am grateful for the ability to be gentle with myself as I learn and grow.

Because it’s true, we can always be better.

And also, we are always okay.

Love > fear,








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