Party on the platform! Or, the unexpected pleasure of a subway serenade

I recently read a piece of comfort that assured me working hard is the best way to feel satisfied, and as I walked to the train last night after a long day, I felt that I agreed.

I am busy working toward some big goals, and that work does indeed engender satisfaction. It also makes me tired.

So it helped to discover a subway serenade.

I can see clearly now, the train has gone

It’s not uncommon for there to be a musician on the subway platform. Since I’m there on a daily basis, I’ve gotten to know the regulars. In particular, there’s a man with steel drums who works references to the trains into his lyrics.

There are always tourists around to laugh.

But yesterday there was someone new—or rather, three someones. A jammin’ jazz trio, making the platform feel like a party.

Suddenly, I didn’t feel so tired. I felt alive, and rewarded.

The guys were set up right next to where I usually stand, so I could easily pretend they were there just for me, to lift my spirits after a long day and give me energy for the “second shift” of the evening ahead.

Make the simple things matter

I had something different planned for this #thankyouthursday—I was going to share my appreciation for the magic of meditation. (So don’t be surprised if that topic pops up on another Thursday.)

But today I am instead expressing gratitude for unexpected pleasures.

It really is the little things that affect our everyday experiences and interactions. And while we can control a lot of those little things, there are plenty we cannot.

Sometimes that means having to take a deep breath and endure discomfort.

And sometimes that means a mini party when you least expect it!

We don’t always get to pick between the two, but we do always have choices. So I say, party on, whenever possible.

Love > fear,


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