Sunlight of the spirit is the most beautiful light to ever shine on anything (in my humble opinion)

Whether or not you believe in god, you kinda have to believe in sunlight, right?

sunlight of the spirit can be felt as well as seen

This is a mere glimpse at sunlight of the spirit. (It is also the view from my current office. I am going to miss this view.)

I am so grateful for sunlight. It helps me have faith.

I get by just fine on rainy days, but there is nothing like waking up to the bright possibility that sunshine so often seems to promise.

So it’s not surprising that I am equally grateful for sunlight of the spirit.

Sunlight of the spirit is a beautiful thing

What, exactly, is sunlight of the spirit?

To be honest, I don’t entirely know. A book I love introduced me to the phrase, and I have cherished it ever since.

It makes for a lovely visual–this idea that although life can be cloudy (and we humans are great at seeing clouds), the sunshine is always there. We can take actions to let light through, and we can appreciate its presence.

“You only want the light”

About a year and a half ago, when I was first learning how to connect with spirit guides, I came to them with an important question.

I was anxious and afraid because a large transition was imminent, and it entailed me choosing a new apartment.

I found a place quite easily–too easily, I worried.

Was it okay to take the first place I visited?

Yes, it was okay, they told me. Every place would have its pros and cons, and this one was certainly acceptable.

“It is safe, we assure you that,” they said. “Other places can also be safe. If you are looking for a blessing you have it, but we have no recommendation.”

Not yet completely comforted, and reflecting on the unfamiliar location, which overlooked an empty lot, I asked a follow-up question: Would I hate the view?

“You won’t look too much,” they said. “You only want the light.”

Let’s keep sunlight in our souls

Indeed, the light is what I want.

I ended up with window shades that mostly stay down, but that do not block the sunlight.

Most mornings, my space is flooded with brightness that lifts my heart and buoys my spirit.

And even when the day is gray, the sunlight of the spirit can still be in my soul.

Love > fear,





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