Tiny triumphs pave the way to big change, whether you are leaving your job or addressing addiction

In a couple weeks, I am taking a big leap: leaving my job and following my heart. And tiny triumphs are paving my way.

In particular, yesterday I drank tea. It felt like major victory.

Tiny triumphs like tea over coffee pave the way for bigger leaps.

This is a mug of tea. NOT coffee. And it might as well be a trophy.

I love coffee soooo much

Coffee is not my friend. It makes me uptight and anxious and occasionally short-tempered and irritable.

I love coffee soooo much. It helps me talk to people (sometimes) and it is delicious and exciting and satisfying.

Except, satisfying in a kinda fake sort of way since the cons pretty consistently outweigh the pros.

But whether coffee is friend or foe, the simple truth is that while I can go for months without it, once I am back in the habit, I have a very hard time stopping.

And all it takes to get me back in the habit is, like, one sip.

And I have been sipping for, like, a year now.

I need to stop drinking coffee

The caffeine has got to go. This is not a value judgement. It is my reality.

As you may or may not know, connecting with spirit guides is a big part of my meditation practice, and quite soon it will be my livelihood.

Every person’s spirit guides have different wisdom to offer, and the information I receive can be quite specific.

My guides have made it clear to me, time and again, that coffee is not my friend.

Avoid using caffeine to artificially inflate you.

Yes it really is this easy to be with us, especially when you are not blocking with toxic frequencies such as sugar and caffeine.

Just know that without caffeine you could have more connection.

Do not have caffeine today if you can at all avoid it.

You do not need caffeine.

You know that the coffee does not help. It is perhaps the single largest impediment to your connection with us and all things spiritual.

You know the coffee does not help.

Coffee will not help.

To be fair, my guides have been patient. They have been calmly sharing messages for months.

And, at long last, I am ready to listen. I’m just not quite ready to quit.

We don’t have to be ready to be on the right track

Fortunately, being ready has little to do with my willingness to act.

Willingness is what matters most.

And I do have that.

Tiny triumphs pave the way

Once willingness is in place, tiny triumphs will follow.

On Monday, I told a colleague about my increasing struggle with coffee. I confessed that I knew it was affecting me poorly, and that I understood going without it was the best thing for my future.

Verbalizing the situation made it harder it ignore. That was tiny triumph number one.

Tiny triumph number two came Tuesday: I thought about making tea. I remembered that I own an excellent travel mug and still have my favorite Earl Grey blend in the pantry. I visualized heating water and adding milk.

Then instead of actually doing that, I put cold brew in my protein shake.

Still, thinking differently was tiny triumph number two.

On Wednesday, I DID heat water and fill my travel thermos with tea. Tiny triumph number three!

If I can quit coffee, I can change the world

I know how to take things day by day.

I understand that today’s victory does not guarantee tomorrow’s.

(I also know that Earl Grey tea contains caffeine. Going totally caffeine free is a few tiny triumphs down the road.)

The thing is—and thank goodness for this—we always have choices.

And if we can make good little choices, we can make good big ones too.

So when it comes to tiny triumphs? They’re really not so small.

Love > fear,


p.s. Bonus tiny triumph: I haven’t had a single Peep since last week!


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