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Framily is a silly word but a very important thing to be grateful for

At the risk of offending my blood relatives, all of whom I dearly love, this #thankyouthursday I am espousing the significance of my framily. Sometimes friends become more than friends I moved to New York for the first time when I was twenty, and then permanently when I was twenty-two. For a few years my sister lived here also. But […]

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Reliable guidance is my lifeline, and it is always accessible to you, too

I am so deeply grateful for reliable guidance. Like, seriously, it is such an important part of my life. And the more I experience the benefits, the more I feel compelled to share the wisdom I receive. Because I want you to have it, too. The consequence of conviction is communication A while back I wrote […]

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Lemondade takes a stand against gun violence.

Conscious capitalism is not an oxymoron. In other words, I am grateful to Lemonade Inc. for taking a stance on responsible gun ownership.

My insurance company took a stand against gun violence this week. This makes me happy to give them my money. Because conscious capitalism is a thing. Money and morals are not mutually exclusive Since our laws allow corporations to function as people, why not expect them to have morals? Like it or not, in America, […]

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MC Yogi represents the truth that only love is real

MC YOGI shows that Spiritual Graffiti is gorgeous and Only Love Is Real…and yoga hip-hop is DEFINITELY a thing

Back when I first trained to be a yoga teacher, I discovered an amazing artist named MC YOGI. I’m not big on gurus, but I am all about role models, and he is definitely one of mine. MC YOGI is true to himself, does what he loves, and practices real yoga all the time. Friday night, […]

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When houseguests of all sorts are radically welcomed, then we have a chance at peace

This #thankyouthursday, I am grateful for houseguests. Specifically, I am grateful for the understanding that houseguests are meant to be welcomed, no matter who they are. I am in part referring to the Rumi poem I hope you are already familiar with the words of “The Guest House,” but just in case you’re not I will place […]

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My relationship with Facebook is really not so complicated.

This #thankyouthursday, I am grateful for Facebook. Facebook: Love it or leave it. (jk, you can’t really leave it) I get the feeling it’s not cool to sincerely appreciate Facebook. Like, it’s so full of false information. And it’s such a distraction. An echo chamber. Just a bunch of people talking about themselves without really listening to anyone […]

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Satyagraha is a force for love and all of us can live it

Satyagraha is a Sanskrit term Gandhi coined in support of nonviolence, and I want it to be my life. Pursuing a desire for nonviolence This past weekend, Greenpeace hosted a workshop on nonviolent resistance, and as soon as I heard about it (via Marianne Williamson’s weekly livestream), I knew I ought to attend. Because while I don’t particularly […]

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Sunlight of the spirit is the most beautiful light to ever shine on anything (in my humble opinion)

Whether or not you believe in god, you kinda have to believe in sunlight, right? I am so grateful for sunlight. It helps me have faith. I get by just fine on rainy days, but there is nothing like waking up to the bright possibility that sunshine so often seems to promise. So it’s not surprising that […]

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