A post-inaugration pep talk, because I needed it and maybe you do too.

We are all okay.

I pray, and pray, and pray, and this is all I have to say.


There might be more.

In fact, I know there is.

post-inauguration affirmation at the women's march in Washington D.C. Love is greater than fear.

I have been writing to you for days, trying to find the words, the ways, to explain what it was like to be in Washington D.C. on Saturday, how it felt to experience hope and frustration and excitement and worry all at the same time.

There is so much I want to tell you, so much I need you to understand. Especially if I love you and we disagree: if you thought the marches were self-indulgent or pointless, if you think the executive actions of the last week are all right. Especially, then, I want to feel connection instead of a chasm.

But it has been days and I do not yet have the words or the ways. That is okay.

I will continue to pray.

And I will continue to try. I will show up in the ways that I can, and reach out to the degrees I am able, and offer as much compassion, curiosity, and support as I can possibly manage, to everyone, for all of us.

Because we are all connected, and we are all okay.

I don’t want to feel afraid. I must insist upon faith, steadfast trust in a truth that has no alternative fact:

Love is greater than fear.

Love is the only truth there is.

Fear is playing dirty these days. I suppose it always has. Sometimes I worry it will win, but no. It cannot.

This is not forced optimism, nor stubborn determinism. This is simply truth. Light outshines the dark. Every time, always.

Thank you for being a witness.

If you are reading this, I thank you for being here with me.

We are all worthy of love—the rich and the poor, the healthy and sick, the oppressed and the privileged, the mainstream and marginalized—all of us, every one of us, no matter what, we are worthy of compassion and care.

We don’t have to concede to immorality. We have the power to demand that our government employees take ethical action.

We deserve better, and better days will come—especially if we work for them.

And whether or not you agree , no matter what you believe, your presence inspires me to keep shining bright, to fight for what’s right. Thank you. Let’s keep going.

Love > fear,



p.s. If you’re looking to take some positive action, here is a good place to get started.

p.p.s. Bonus gratitude shout-out to journalists who are committed to sharing facts. This article reassured my soul.

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