I will pay you to read A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson because it is just that important of a book

I finally read A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson and now I need everyone who cares about me to read it too.

I am serious. I will pay you.

purchased Return to Love Marianne Williamson

See that “purchased” label on the top left? I want you to have one of those too.

Of course, you could easily buy it yourself

There are several reasons why this miracle of a book might be available online for a mere $1.99.

Perhaps ebook sales are down and the publisher is trying to give that format a boost.

It’s also possible that since ebooks didn’t exist when A Return to Love was originally published in the early 1990s, its digital pricing structure had to be negotiated anew many years down the road. And since by then the author was soundly renowned, perhaps she insisted on keeping the price low.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that Marianne Williamson’s first book is a game changer if you’re open to it, and right now it is exceptionally affordable.

But seriously, I am happy to buy it for you

We only get to keep what we give away.

And since I highly desire to keep the benefits of A Return to Love, it is my privilege and pleasure to give it away.

Now, granted, I am not currently in a position to go full-on Oprah in this situation.

As a new business owner on a budget, I am therefore going to start out by limiting this offer to the first 50 takers.

However, one of my commitments for 2017 was to increase my faith in abundance.

So if, like, 5,000 people email me and ask for a copy of A Return to Love, I expect I will discover a way to fulfill those requests.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful challenge to face?

Oh and I guess I should probably tell you what the book is about

A Return to Love is about love > fear.

If you know me at all, you probably know that “love > fear” is the main motto of my life.

I don’t always live up to it, but I am always trying.

That phrase has been my sign-off for years now, and I believe it is a universal truth.

A Return to Love, is, as indicated by the subtitle, essentially a condensed translation of A Course in Miracles. 

Neither text is the only path to the universal truth of love > fear.

But I have done a LOT of spiritual seeking and reading, and in my experience it is rare to find a book of true spiritual depth that is also highly accessible.

A Return to Love is one of those books. The truth it contains can change the world, if enough of us choose to live it.

I also invite you to check out some excerpts of A Return to Love for yourself right now

As I mentioned last week when I talked about the importance of conviction, “I am developing a healthy obsession with Marianne Williamson and the text she teaches, which is A Course in Miracles.”

My digital copy of A Return to Love clearly evidences this (healthy! I swear! I think?) obsession: I must have highlighted at least two thirds of the entire book.

Seriously, I was reading on my phone, and I could barely swipe past a 4.7-inch page without having to pause and drag my finger over the truth of the text.

(Sometimes I also had to stop and cry with recognition-slash-relief-slash-repentance, but maybe you don’t need to know that part?)

I had the idea that maybe I would share a few of the excerpts I highlighted in this post, as a way of encouraging you to read the full book.

And then I realized there was no way I could share only a few excerpts. I highlighted HUNDREDS.

So I scrolled through my notes and tried to take as few screenshots as possible in order to give you a glimpse of the wisdom that awaits.

Even then, I could only narrow it down so much.

But I tried.

Here are some excerpts from A Return to Love as a slideshow:

Please note that this slideshow is in no way a substitute for actually reading the book (or for directly supporting Marianne’s work).

But it is a good start, and it also took me an absurdly long time to create, so I do hope you take a look:

Remember, if you want to read A Return to Love and aren’t able or willing to procure it for yourself, please do definitely email me and I will gladly connect you with a copy.

And regardless, I hope you take away this truth today: Only love is real, and you are totally okay.

Love > fear,

Christinap.s. If you already get my weekly inbox hugs, thank you. If you don’t, please do! It’s the best way for me to keep sending love to you. (And sometimes opportunities for free books about love.)

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