Street cred

If you search “Christina Bryza” online, this is pretty much what you’ll find:

On How to Be a Grown-Up you can hear me talk about my favorite topics: creativity, vulnerability, dating, respect, rejection, breathing, etc.

Did you know that “Getting Rejected Will Turn You Into a Better Dater?” I explain why on The Date Report.

In this longform interview conducted by Jen Doll for The Hairpin, I share about the origins of #AYMBF and why (spoiler alert) we’re all okay, regardless of romantic status.

For The Huffington Post, I wrote about “The Upside to Getting Shot Down,” aka, my tried-and-true tactics for dealing with rejection.

The New York Times called Are You My Boyfriend? “a satire of grown-up life in the dating trenches.”

When I was twenty-two I wrote something for Sirens Magazine (now Sexy Feminist) that Alternet later republished. The backlash was so intense they closed the comments section—and I took a long break from real talk about my love life.

While I was wading my way back into the waters of nonfictional self-expression, I documented my journey to become a yoga teacher (and more) on This Is Where the Healing Begins.

Back when I worked in magazines I wrote short articles like this one about “The Joy of Shopping” for Parenting.

And when I interned at Popular Science, I wrote blurbs about stuff like hair clubs for scientists and military motorcycles.

Aaaand that about covers the last decade. If there’s anything else you want to know, say hi at Christina[at] or on Twitter (@christinaBEane)!