bathroom wall affirmations

Bathroom wall affirmations are making me a better person (and also a little more self-conscious about having visitors, but hey, whatever works!)

It’s possible that bathroom wall affirmations are not actually a thing. But in my home…yes. It’s possible this is TMI I feel a little weird showing you part of my bathroom wall. After all, it’s a personal space—that’s kiiinda the point. But I am making an effort to be more open, and in any case, this is only a […]

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Please read A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

I will pay you to read A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson because it is just that important of a book

I finally read A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson and now I need everyone who cares about me to read it too. I am serious. I will pay you. Of course, you could easily buy it yourself There are several reasons why this miracle of a book might be available online for a mere $1.99. Perhaps ebook […]

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I’ve got conviction, yes I do. I’ve got conviction, how about you?

It took me a long time to get conviction, and I want to understand why. After all, miracles arise from conviction, and we definitely need more miracles. So why aren’t more of us more convicted in the name of love? “Conviction” is a confusing word The primary contexts I associate with the term “conviction” are criminality (being deemed Guilty by the […]

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MC Yogi represents the truth that only love is real

MC YOGI shows that Spiritual Graffiti is gorgeous and Only Love Is Real…and yoga hip-hop is DEFINITELY a thing

Back when I first trained to be a yoga teacher, I discovered an amazing artist named MC YOGI. I’m not big on gurus, but I am all about role models, and he is definitely one of mine. MC YOGI is true to himself, does what he loves, and practices real yoga all the time. Friday night, […]

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When houseguests of all sorts are radically welcomed, then we have a chance at peace

This #thankyouthursday, I am grateful for houseguests. Specifically, I am grateful for the understanding that houseguests are meant to be welcomed, no matter who they are. I am in part referring to the Rumi poem I hope you are already familiar with the words of “The Guest House,” but just in case you’re not I will place […]

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My relationship with Facebook is really not so complicated.

This #thankyouthursday, I am grateful for Facebook. Facebook: Love it or leave it. (jk, you can’t really leave it) I get the feeling it’s not cool to sincerely appreciate Facebook. Like, it’s so full of false information. And it’s such a distraction. An echo chamber. Just a bunch of people talking about themselves without really listening to anyone […]

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Satyagraha is a force for love and all of us can live it

Satyagraha is a Sanskrit term Gandhi coined in support of nonviolence, and I want it to be my life. Pursuing a desire for nonviolence This past weekend, Greenpeace hosted a workshop on nonviolent resistance, and as soon as I heard about it (via Marianne Williamson’s weekly livestream), I knew I ought to attend. Because while I don’t particularly […]

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We can have faith in the cloudy times as well as the clear ones, especially when we take loving action

Faith in the future has saved me before. “I have faith in the future I cannot see” is an affirmation that was important to me during an incredibly challenging time. In the midst of turmoil, I had no idea how anything could possibly turn out okay. And yet I was desperate for things to turn […]

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During this self-imposed retreat I am learning that Past Me is smart and has good taste, which helps Present Me have faith in Future Me

I am away on retreat right now, and because I am grateful and want to share it with you, I hereby present my view: I could certainly get used to a vantage point of lush trees, a placid lake, and a stunning sky, and yet I am quite aware that my experience here is temporary. To […]

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