Voices of reason are crucial right now. Listen to them. Raise yours.

I am an emotional person. I have lots and lots of feelings and I don’t often repress them (anymore), plus on top of that I am extremely sensitive, so much so that I can often feel OTHER people’s feelings.

Being empathic has its perks—for example, my intuition is on lock, and I am usually pretty good at reading a room.

But feeling all the feelings can also be challenging, sometimes to the point of overwhelm.

That’s why I’m grateful for voices of reason.

Voices of reason remind me that wisdom is greater than worry.

A helpful reminder when all the feels get overwhelming.

Voices of reason help keep me calm.

Like this article about the infinitesimally low odds of a terrorist being from one of the banned countries.

Or this post that sensibly posits what might be happening with the executive branch while we’re busy freaking out about the immigration ban.

Or these wise words from Glennon Doyle Melton, a role model of mine and fellow Love Warrior. (Watch this whenever you need some reassurance that #lovewins.)

This is not about politics.

I don’t care about politics at all, which is exactly why I have to pay more attention than I ever have before. The new administration is banking on our ignorance and/or our apathy.

I don’t care about politics, but I do care about people.

Despite far preferring a book to a crowd, I deeply love humanity as a whole—since we are all connected and I understand this to my core, it is impossible for me to love myself but not my neighbors.

My neighbors are in trouble. Yours are too. Maybe even you. So what do we do?

We pay attention. We take what action we can—if posting on Facebook feels futile or you don’t think protests serve a purpose, maybe just have a conversation with someone you care about. Find out what they are thinking. Think about how you feel, and why. Consider what your values are, and see if your choices reflect them.

This isn’t about politics or parties or who voted for whom.

This is about love.

Loving our neighbors and ourselves. Choosing love over fear and falsehood. Choosing peace over panic, wisdom over worry.

This isn’t about a particular president so much as it is preventing dangerous precedents.

And since now is not the time to stay quiet, I am grateful for reasonable voices that inspire me to raise my own.

Love > fear,


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